All we need is love!


Lately I have had to deal with marketing in retail, in particular the highly localized shops. Although the sector specificity, also in this case the More >

Storytelling at Fall Farm Days (Di vastateparksstaff) [CC-BY-2.0], attraverso Wikimedia Commons

Storytelling, do not beat about the bush


There is much talk about storytelling and often seems to be a technique to be successful, the new silver bullet of marketing managers around the More >

storytelling dell'evento di bari

How’re things going? Depend on the storytelling!


Storytelling, overused word, but … We can solve the problems just how we picture them in our storytelling. If  we tell them catastrophically, for More >

On a bicycle made for three

The times they are a changin’


I’m old enough to know a lot of things, just from life experience. I know that newspapers are where you get your political news and how you look for More >

elba di Giulio Tolli

Hashtag: an Italian story



Giulio Tolli in un #gtjumps

The hashtag lead us to unexpected and sometimes fascinating destinations . […] hashtags live in social networks, is a More >

Logo Spot Dining

Spotdining is coming to Italy, too!



SpotDining is the meeting platform between diners (let’s not call them consumers, since they build and share business) and restaurants for More >

#BlankDisrupt Catania 28-29 march

Middlesea, center of disruptive innovation


On March the 28th and the 29th it will be held in Catania Blankdisrupt, the first event on disruptive innovation focused on the Mediterranean . An More >

Co-creators at work al Cpmeeting

Co-create the future. How Cocoon Projects builds and antifragile future


This week I had the opportunity to attend the Cocoon Projects Convention. Cocoon Projects is  a consulting firm in Italy devoted to innovation. Not More >

social caring blogmeter essere antifragile

Becoming antifragile: stop complaining. Start being more social!


The wind can blow out the candle and brighten up the bonfire. The same happens with the randomness, uncertainty and chaos: we must learn to use them, More >

xiang chen - things we do for broken in shoes (Flickr)

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. Maybe not?


xiang chen – things we do for broken in shoes (Flickr)

The old proverb about the barefoot shoemaker is, alas, a rule in Italy (and not only here). More >

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