L'ascolto by Olaf Meyer I listen

Listening is success


Listening. Easy. Yet almost nobody does it. Who would not want to know what our customers (existing and potential) think, feel and how they look at More >

disrupting innovation vs incremental. A third way

Disruptive innovation, always the best choice?


Disruptive Innovation or the Third Way (a family of complementary innovations around company’s core product or service)? A heated debate linked to More >

Lego(r) Memoria del futuro

Memory of the future


This morning, “looking at newspapers” the mind went back to memory. So thinking back to the past I discovered how some top activities today, great More >

Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator logo

Co-creating the future by facilitating


Co-create. More often, more and more organizations look internally to find solutions to improve and innovate. This leads increasingly to look less More >

Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator logo

Lego Serious Play: a learning community


In early October, like every year the world meeting of Lego Serious Play certified facilitators was held in Billund, the town where Lego® was born. More >

modello condiviso Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® for assessing youngsters of the Civil Service of the Lazio Region


6 Lego® Serious Play® workshops in 4 of the 5 main towns of Lazio (the region of Rome), involving over 200 volunteers of the civil service at the end More >

Lego® Serious Play® in BMC


Lego® Serious Play® in a corporation like BCM. The words of people who have experienced the workshop on a critical issue such as communication More >

servizio clienti pessimo

Common sense is not common


Servizio Clienti, What a word!To talk about marketing this time I’m telling you what not to do. Often mistakes teach you more than best practices. More >

sharing model with kid #lspmed #legoseriousplay #todiappydays

With a little help of from my friends (and Lego Serious Play)


The last September the 26th in Todi I facilitated two Lego Serious Play workshops open to the public. As already said in my previous post we played More >

Lego® Serious Play Fabrizio Faraco

Serious Play with marketing


What does Lego® has to do with Marketing? The bricks and elements so dear to children (and not only) around the world, since decades, seem to get a More >

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