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xiang chen - things we do for broken in shoes (Flickr)

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot. Maybe not?


xiang chen – things we do for broken in shoes (Flickr)

The old proverb about the barefoot shoemaker is, alas, a rule in Italy (and not only here). More >

Starving CESARE (my nephew) by °Eli

Build valuable content


Today the consumers’ opinions about your brand are intimately related to the decision to buy or not from you! These opinions (given and shared) More >

Factory located in Kansas City's River Market.

Crisis? What to do? Let’s do inbound marketing!


For a small company when strong winds of crisis blow the first thing that seems to be done is cutting down expenses. This engages a downward spiral More >

The world reference for social media analysis

Facebook in Italy


Vincenzo Cosenza provides timely and immediate analysis of the social media world. His analysis are really significant. Some of these have become More >

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