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This week I had the opportunity to attend the Cocoon Projects Convention. Cocoon Projects is  a consulting firm in Italy devoted to innovation. Not only the company supports clients’ innovation, but it’s innovative in several aspects. The most obvious is its governance system, which is open. For what it means in detail the following is a video where company supervisors and members (there’s no boss here), describes Cocoon Projects.

A liquid and agile organization like Cocoon Projects builds its objectives for the next 6 months with a co-creation process, where all people of organizations (members, the people who “manage” the company, and the contributors, those who work with the company) participate. A fantastic two days where, ignited by the participants, through moments of actions and ideations, innovative conceptions converged in a plan. A plan not only shared, but co-created, or created by all and for all. A process which I storified below

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