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#BlankDisrupt Catania 28-29 marchOn March the 28th and the 29th it will be held in Catania Blankdisrupt, the first event on disruptive innovation focused on the Mediterranean . An opportunity for all those who believe in the future of this area (and its rich resources) as a new cradle of innovation. The first of the believer is the event organizer Blank, an association of people who firmly believe in disruptive innovation and the potential of this area. They name themselves Blank, because today we’re living an historical phase, requiring competences and commitment for the completion of a deep change, a disruptive change. According to this understanding Blank has been started as an empty space to be filled and regenerated in a continuous process of evolution. This event will be the first moment to occupy this dedicated blank space.

The event will be differentiated in the two days. It will start with several workshops . For example in the workshop “Disruptive Innovation in Action” by Ralph Weickel where participants will be invited to become disruptors, experimenting with the approach of the disruptive innovation, which is a mindset, rather than a process, that consistently seeks new opportunities beyond the norm or standard form of innovation. In this workshop, participants will experience practices to develop a disruptive mindset while learning to change their language to asking questions for which the answer is not known. Or the Lucio Margulis workshop “Co -creating the Countries of tomorrow” using Lego Serious Play ® putting at work the power of our description, creative and challenged imagination together like a collective mind in order to imagine the future. Based of the flow, constructivism and construccionism theory´s we use our hands and mind´s in order to imagine, create and build our future countries culture. The 29th selected key note speakers will talk, reviewing the approach and impacts of disruptive innovation in different sectors.

An opportunity for all those who live in the area or who want to be leaders in this space to be filled by extreme disruptive innovators.

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