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hashtag #gtjumps by Giulio Tolli

Giulio Tolli in un #gtjumps

The hashtag lead us to unexpected and sometimes fascinating destinations . […] hashtags live in social networks, is a word (or phrase without spaces) used for searching, to follow a conversation and to set the agenda of the conversation at a given time and in a given place . […] An hashtag is always in itself a signal of # mood.” [Giuliana Laurita, 2012].

Hashtag was born on twitter. The twitter definition is: “The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.” Today, an hashtag is a lot more, not only because it is widespread on all social networks (including messaging systems , such as whatsapp ), but mainly because it is the key tool to broaden your network . Take for example #masterChef or #xfactor that go far beyond cable viewers and official account followers.

Correctly using an hashtag is a good way to get noticed, but the real success is being able to impose your own hashtag and making it popular. How to do it? The recipes are many and few succeed, in particular in Italy (where successful ones are mainly linked to tv show). To give direct testimony of those who have succeeded, I interviewed Giulio Tolli, a person and not a company representative because we can share his experience. Giulio Tolli invented the hashtag #gtjumps to share with his followers their #jumpstagram – the hashtag used for photos with the jumps by #igers community all over the world (“igers” is the short term for “Instagramers” the Instagram members; Instagramer groups in the world are about 300 and growing).

I met Giulio Tolli at @aduavilla’s book #vinorossotacco12 presentation at Eataly in Roma where #igers were there with their hashtag #vinopop. Giulio was there with the president of Italian Igers Ilaria Barbotti at the event for the winners designation of the #vinopop contest. Below is the interview with Giulio Tolli.

Who is Giulio Tolli?

I was born in Pescara about 24 years ago. Let’s skip the monotonous life as a child. When finished high school I choose the career as an engineer, but deciding doesn’t mean being an engineer. As a matter of facts, after few exams (with top grades) I was totally captured by photography , a passion that has always had but I’ve not yet discovered this way down. In harmony with my smartphone I have tried to combine useful and enjoyable, but too often the being got the better over the due and I still have to graduate. However through my passion I’ve discovered creativity and qualities in sharing lives, emotions, stories, people and places through images.

What are you passionate at?

Pursue my dream is what I want from life. I always give my best to be able to combine what I want with what I have, without a pause. Another passion is sport which I’ve always played. Sport has helped me over time, physically (turning me into a dynamic guy) and mentally sustaining an attitude to go forward and never to surrender. Sport made me direct , explosive, especially extroverted and curious to new experiences to live to the fullest. My great passion is precisely photography which I’ve started to take it seriously two years ago, buying my first reflex and starting to grow professionally. I kept my smartphone anyway to be able to capture what I see even when I’m not prepared. Photography for me is not just a simple art , but a way to express myself. A way to express what I think through sharing emotions, stopping moments in time and telling through images. Taking pictures bring us to certain soul places so hardly to describe in words.

Stefano Accorsi while playing Orlando Furioso hashtag #igers

Stefano Accorsi while playing Orlando Furioso by Giulio Tolli

How did it come up the jumping?

My jumps? Here we are . Taner (@ tanergungor )is to blame. I met him for the first time during an instameet in Bari and he introduced me to this branch of photography. Just discovered this form of expression, I thought “why not create a story behind every #jumpstagram? ” So I started my idea of jumping in any part of the world. A jump shot enclose not only the jump itself, but also tells the story behind, such a landscape, a place, a situation or a person. The jump is an highlighter, a unifying element of a story you want to tell, emotionally stressing the place, the landscape or the person.

I choose the jump to tell a story more dynamically. A way to point out the shooting moment in a nice way. Every time I’m photographed while jumping I feel that the atmosphere around is more relaxed and much happier as if it were a game, and for a moment you forget everything else . Thisi is why I created the hashtag #jumpwithgt gathering on my facebook page jumps of strangers around the world jumping with me, a kind of invisible line that combines all of my “friends” jumpers.

Why the jump is so viral and what is behind a jump, beyond an hashtag?

The #jumpstagram is viral probably because it is new, something that is fun. Something as original as straight forward, producing a view of the surrounding (people, places, landscapes) that would otherwise be a trivial or just a normal photo. And what ‘s more viral than joy? A jump is joy. A jump is contagious. A jump is an act of freedom.

Your future?

I have no plans for the future, I do not know if this is good or bad, but I love to live day to day without having too many programs from what to accomplish beyond. I know I like the jumps and I like to be free, instinctive. It’s difficult to know which will quite be the Giulio now. Take it or leave it, in the meantime I always jump on us with a smile on your face and maybe the day will come when I can fly!

elba by Giulio Tolli hashtag #igers

Storytelling a destination with emotions. A photo of Elba Island by Giulio Tolli

These are the words of Giulio Tolli . I believe the future of Giulio will be a storytellers of places and people. Already now, Giulio, as igers, participates in many promotional initiatives of touristic destinations and through his photographs tells a lot about them. What is certain is that, thanks to the jumps and his hashtag, Giulio became a quite well known photographer abroad. So what do you expect to imitate Giulio? Start to jump, but do it with an hashtag!

Giulio is on Facebook, but in particular on instagram , as a fotografo and as a jumper.

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