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Renault Nuovo EspaceJ’aime la France! The French do it right! Always, even when they are not the first to do so. It also happens to Renault, the transalpine automotive brand, partnered to Nissan. In recent months I got in touch with them often and have seen them grow in the social media activities. Well, they do not do anything surprisingly or highly innovative (like Ford, which has also introduced gadgets in their products, based on social media), but that is why they do it right. Because their approach is consistent. It is in the very strings of their products and their customers and this, believe me it is really a good result. Content publishing, digital pr with generating buzz and user generated content, customer care and engagement with users. Their strength lies in the timeliness of the communication and the frequency of their publishing. A sign that they have a prepared social team.

Renault Nuovo EspaceI was invited to test the new Espace. I can assure you (although I’m not an expert in car) that it is really amazing. It can be configured (including motor and drive arrangement) directly from the dashboard by acting on the tablet placed there. Beyond the experience of driving, I got the opportunity to chat with one of the people in charge of social media for Renault Italy. Than after the test drive I explored in detail their recent social presence (I had already studied this a year ago, when two of my students of a digital marketing master were people from Renault Italy). For this reason and based on a repeated analysis (after some time) that I expressed the opinion of Renault Italy being consistent.

Of course now we expect more from them, but It’s certain that their social media actions are among the best of major brand in Italy

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