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Lego® Serious Play Fabrizio FaracoWhat does Lego® has to do with Marketing? The bricks and elements so dear to children (and not only) around the world, since decades, seem to get a little into business. It’s true, though, that Lego® innovated much in marketing, one of the best examples of Brand Experience, as Graham D. Brown told us recently. But few people know that through Lego® bricks and elements everybody can literally “think through their fingers” – sparking intuition, inspiration and imagination.

Lego® Serious play® method is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique to use with organizations, teams and individuals. It employs Lego® bricks and elements to help participants “to think with the hands” generating insight, awareness and engagement. In Lego® Serious play® method each participant builds 3D models used as visual metaphors to answer to facilitator series of questions. Building 3D models and the associated storymaking process involves all aspects of the human dimension (rational, emotional, and instinctual). So 3D metaphors are used to solve strategic and internal problems of any organization (a company or a team).

Lego® Serious play® method was developed within Lego® (with the contribution of two of the best universities in the world: IMD – International Institute for Management Development – in Lausanne and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – in Boston) to face the toy industry strategic crises at the end of last century. Or that the same method was employed by Lego® to successfully overcome the company crises who almost bankrupted the company in 2009 (Lego® today is the undisputed world leader of toys and is the best known and loved brand in the world, source: Brand Finance).

LSP clients listThe methodology has been very successful in various business contexts (from technology giants such as Microsoft and Google, the leading carmakers such as Ferrari, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota, public institutions such as NASA and the UN, to multinationals such as Unilever , Coca Cola, Roche and Pfitzer). The methodology allows to achieve excellent results very quickly, as several real cases have already shown.

From last year I have become Lego® Serious Play ® Certified Facilitator and I have already held several workshops with this methodology. The reasons why I chose this method resides right in the effectiveness of the results that can be achieved in the business. Rather than annoying you with details (mostly of which I can not even talk about due to the confidential nature of the relationship with my clients) I rather want to offer you a more delicious opportunity: try directly Lego® Serious Play ® with your hands!

Saturday the 26th of September I will carry out, along with my colleague Simona Orlandi, 2 Lego® Serious Play ® workshops within AppyDays, an event which takes place from September the 24th to the 27th in Todi, Umbria. These workshops have no payment of any fee, but need registration (you may book them to these links: in the morning and in the afternoon). As bonus we will give away the kit Lego® which we will play with.

Of course we will play with marketing. Together we will co create strategies for bringing back one of the largest global brands as #1. These workshops will be giving the opportunity to the participants to appreciate the potential of the method, but also to have fun.

Who is going to book to have hard fun?

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