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Servizio Clienti, What a word!To talk about marketing this time I’m telling you what not to do. Often mistakes teach you more than best practices. You know that I consider brand experience the key element of the marketing because it is the element that most of all influences consumers purchase decisions and, above all, it’s the element of customers shared storytelling. I have already written about how Brand Experience starts within the company. Today’s story starring a major international brand, declined badly in Italy.

A year and a half ago I bought in one of the most important retailer in Italy, Euronics in Via Luisa di Savoia, 12, 00196 Rome (Nova Group), an Asus T100TA notebook. The product fulfills what was the purpose of my purchase and I can also say that it is a good product, although with a few drawbacks, such as Notepad that does not take the pressure of the fingers. The characteristic (negative) of the product is an “only” 32GB hard disk, although this is a well known feature and so when I purchased it was something that I knew. For an expert like me it was enough to add a Micro 64Gb SD, moving there all that was possible (documents, programs, onedirve, etc.).

After a year of use, however, the disk was not sufficient to accommodate Windows 8.1 operating system and Office, the only elements the user can’t move from the system hard disk. No problems I activated disk compression which, although slowing down a bit the performances, it allowed me to work quite good.

With the arrival of Windows 10 I saw an opportunity to recover disk space, and then I joined the update that Microsoft offered me. As a diligent user, two months ago, before upgrading I did some preparatory actions:

  • I become aware via internet of the consequences of updating an Asus T100TA systems with Windows 10. I discovered that compared with an initial slowdown after a few days the system was faster than Windows 8.1 and with a lot more space available on the system disk;
  • I backed up the entire system through a disk image of both hard disks;
  • I recovered all the credentials for licenses in order to proceed if required;
  • I have updated the drivers from ASUS and especially the BIOS versions for Windows 10 in addition to download the new drivers to a folder on a removable media where I kept the disk image (and the former drivers for Windows 8.1 in case I then decided to downgrade back).

I launched the update icon in the lower right “you get your Windows 10”. All right. Various demands, accepts the new licenses, discharge upgrades, poof blue screen reassuring proceed with updating and counter as a percentage. Arrived at 91% the blue screen disappears and a dialog box appears telling me (laconically) “update failed” without no error code with the only possibility to click on an “OK” button.

Then I read on the Microsoft site all this known problems in the update. I’ve used the media creation tool from system hard disk and USB, but nothing, same situation! Then I proceeded to do some preparatory actions provided by Microsoft (SFC / scannow and WindowsUpdateDiagnostic) with excellent results, but despite I got into the same situation.

I then decided to return the PC to its factory settings, but nothing: the same behavior. Then I go back to factory settings and proceeded to make all the updates to Windows 8.1, than performed again the preparatory operations provided by Microsoft (SFC / scannow and WindowsUpdateDiagnostic) with excellent results, and proceeded to the update. No way. It got 91%, poof, installation screen disappear and the dialog box appears telling me (laconically) “update failed” with no error code. Doing so many things two months have passed by!

prodotto già registrato in ASUSI than thought the reason would have been the fact that I’ve never registered my product on the Asus site. So I proceed to registration. Surprisingly I’ve discovered that my product was already registered! Maybe it was me with another email. I tried to login with all my other email (which registered all to the site! Sic.). But the product wasn’t registered by me.

Risposta ticket ASUSFine. It’s time to contact Asus Italy. I open a ticket for both issues (windows 10 and registration), but I get the following response:

What?!? You Asus sold me a product inclusive of the operating system (in fact Microsoft sells OEM) and you shunned?! Okay before moving to the assault, I decided to contact the sales department of Microsoft and Asus.

Risposta reparto commerciale AsusThe sales dept of Asus answer me this:

That’s bad! You are the owners of the site, the only ones who can redeem the registration issue and you ask me to go and talk with the seller that at best will deny or saying to address my question to you !!!??? You do not even know Asus what a customer service looks like! Not only that, but I do think that in order not to disavow a retailer that are buying tens of millions of euro a year from you, Asus sacrificed an end customer. Very good. Beautiful customer experience Asus!

Today I decided to speak with both, Microsoft and Asus. The result is that while Microsoft provides me with assistance without solving the problem (telling me that I did everything that was physically possible to do the installation and that it seems strange that this problem happens only to me, pointing to a possible defect in the specific Asus product) Asus refuses to take charge of the problem: it is not our problem they told me. Talk to Microsoft and to the seller.

No need to say more. Asus Italy does not provide a service to its end customers. It has a customer service, but handling perhaps only trivial questions.

A corollary. An American friend of mine and great influencer, found himself in a similar situation, caught between the supplier of PCs and Microsoft. He has solved brilliantly: he bought a Apple Mac Book so today he has a specific counterpart who won’t be able to escape from his responsibilities.

This shows that if you are not able to give a positive experience to your customers you better change, because the risk you run is to be wiped out from the market. And this regardless of whether the problem is solved; I found that if I can not install Windows 10 sull’Asus T100TA, but I received a true service and not an attempt to escape from their commercial responsibility, I would have accepted and maybe continue to use the product till possible.

Obviously I’m welcoming any intervention by the concerned parties, in particular Asus, with which I was not able to speak to a manager, as the gentle worker Pina told me that no one is authorized to give the names and surnames of those responsible, indeed even hers .

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