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In early October, like every year the world meeting of Lego Serious Play certified facilitators was held in Billund, the town where Lego® was born. I’ll write later some specific posts about what’s new in the methodology. In this post I just want to give you an idea of the strength of this community: over 1,800 people working all over the world and covering all fields of applications where this methodology can be applied.

Lego® Serious Play® certified facilitator logoThe strength of community

The main reasons why choosing a facilitator Lego Serious Play certified by the Association of Master Trainers are the following:

  • A community so spread and which span so much
  • the strength of an established methodology
  • a learning community that co-create, cross fertilize and shares.

As a matter of fact, taking advantage of the momentum of the Lego Serious Play methodology, many people are proposing themselves as Lego® facilitator. They do this even without a certification that allows them to be part of the community. Or worse just mimic some gesture or talks of the methodology. Most of them are inappropriately using the term “open source” thinking that the core process and the 7 application techniques (which are the backbone of the real Lego Serious Play methodology) are public domain. No! The core process, the 7 application techniques belong (with all the rest of this sound based methodology) to the Association of Master Trainers. They use only  few certified master trainer to certify people like me and ensure the success of Lego Serious Play methodology.

Sure we trust in methodology and we’re fond of the Association of Master Trainers for making Lego Serious Play methodology so robust. The thing that is worth a lot is the community of facilitators itself. It’s being part of a community which develops by sharing experiences, ideas and applications. A continuous collective learning that increase the methodology Lego Serious Play even beyond the boundaries set by the Association of Master Trainers.

It is true that get certified in Lego Serious Play is expensive and meeting once a year with Lego Serious Play facilitators coming from all over the world has other costs. But would you be treated by a doctor without a degree nor specialization, just to save money or even worse without assessing his credentials? So why did you entrust not qualified people to look after your company or your team?

Let’s know some Lego Serious Play certified facilitators

Enjoy this short video, created and produced by some of us during the session in Open Space Technology and meet some facilitators from all over the world.

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