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This morning, “looking at newspapers” the mind went back to memory. So thinking back to the past I discovered how some top activities today, great innovations in strategy and marketing have always existed. I found out that I practiced them even before they were discovered. “Memoria del futuro” (Memory of the future)

Memoria del futuro LEGOWhen did I start making strategies and marketing? Initially I would answer you “since I started working”. But then thinking about it I discovered that I always had done them.

I come from a typical Italian family. I’m a baby boomer and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We are all very close age. My parents started out family very young. So we grew up in numbers before the size of the houses we lived in. As a kid I loved reading and playing with LEGO® rather than playing war or kicking me in fights, so my brothers and sisters often teased me while I was all focused on reading or building. I was not a lonely pale, though and I played often with them: I remember playing soccer in the room with my brothers, using a rubber puff (a pyramid fish) as a ball.

This forced me to find strategies to avoid becoming the target of my unleashed brothers and sisters. I found out that being odd helped me. We started playing in 3 and then “inevitably” one of us had to give up (because most of the games often required even players). So I “sacrificed”, leaving the game field free to them, thus succeeding in dedicating myself to my passions with joy for everyone. We played in the same room without playing the same game. We did it often (when, for example, my sister was playing with dolls and we kicked it): it was to be together that made us happy, do not do the same thing..

Being odd helped me even when, almost teenager, my family moved to a house that had 3 rooms all for us kids. I succeeded in having one of the rooms only for me, masking the fear of sleeping alone (fear which was not only mine). Overcoming fear was all about storytelling. Having read many books was useful in telling me a reassuring story where sleeping on my own was a way to temper my courage and this courage I would have employed for protecting my family. Then I did not know that soon I should have use it for real. Courage became reality, not just storytelling. When it happened I also used my branding to get out of difficult situations: my courage and my “reputation” allowed me to make my parents take control of the problems that until then I had to deal alone.

Strategic thinking, branding, storytelling. Tools I’ve used to grow from child to boy. Tools that helped me to learn how to move into a world that becoming more and more complex. Maybe all the time spent playing LEGO® taught me to think with my hands? Did I start practicing LEGO® Serious Play® since then? I do not know. Of course, having played LEGO® helped in developing skills which are crucial today, as scientifically supported by Papert’s constructionism.



Is this my memory of future? I don’t know. What I know is that in the next few days, in other posts, I’ll tell you how these top topics today I have actually applied to other moments of my life. Have you done things like these too? Haven’t you?

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