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A strategist who lived in many worlds

My name is Fabrizio Faraco and I have lived in many worlds: in the “old economy” branded by “managerial challenge” to the first “new economy” branded by “information society”, from the Italian research (ENEA), to the U.S. applied research (MIT), from mainframes (IBM VM/CMS ) to the first personal computer (CP/M). I was in USA at the birth of the industry (in the 80s where I met youngsters became then gurus, such as Felsestein, Kildall, Jobs and Gates, among others). My career moved from technical to managerial, from human resources to marketing. A lifetime of experiences all aimed at marketing skills.

After 15 years as corporate manager and other 15 years as entrepreneur and consultant around Italy and abroad, I have made several significant results for my clients. In recent years I have developed several marketing plans, employing different and innovative tools, including digital marketing. Furthermore I gave support to many companies in the development of business models.

Today my focus is on effective strategies for company success. Primarily I closely follow the development of digital marketing and business modeling advanced tools.

My main specializations are: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing strategy, marketing planning and operation, Communication strategy and Public Relations, Promotion in regulated market, Training, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Service Design and Customer Experience.

I am a Certified Facilitator in Lego® Serious Play® Methodology, a Mentor, a Project Manager, a Trainer and a Speaker, which combined allow me to help companies in deploying innovation.