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Steve Jobs Died. Viva Steve Jobs!

Tons of words will be written today for the death of a true revolutionary. Someone who changed our lives several time, someone we will miss forever and in every moment of the future.

Steve Jobs was so revolutionary that he defeated three times the strongest world economic and cultural powers: in the ‘80s IBM, in the ‘90s Microsoft, today Google. He always defeated them following his own original way, following his dreams and sharing the dreams with us.

My first total experience with Steve Jobs was in 1984 when I was in Boston in MIT and it’s vivid in my memory with this ad. In 1986 I had the luck to meet him in Apple headquarter in Cupertino and my vivid memory was his office: simple, minimalist, but it really emphasized his importance.

In those years I met other innovators, dreamers that made Steve’s dream to come true. Gary Kildall, the inventor of CP/M the first personal computer operating system; the man who to follow his passion (ballooning) refuse to meet IBM officials even if they came to made him a multibillionaire. Fieldstein, the man who invented the first portable computing device (Osborne 1) and in 1992 the first wearable computer (Red by Reddy Inc.).

Viva Steve Jobs! Viva these men! Viva the revolutionary innovators! Vive who have the courage to follow their dream! I’m happy to have been exposed to their lessons.